Melinda SLC, Pantyhose & Heel, HD

Melinda works as a secretary and uses high heel while she does this. She got injured when she was working and was given a short leg cast, so she can heal. We have just picked Melinda up from work, because she wanted to be on a high point in the city with a view of the city. She wears a black dress, pantyhose, and boot with a heel. She is truly beautiful. Melinda gets out of the car and right away she shows us her toes in her pantyhose for the camera (close up). Melinda crutches to where the high point is so she can see the view. She will come by some stairs she must overcome. When Melinda is at the high point, she crutches around on the high point to see this amazing view. She is amazed by the view and crutches towards a stone wall she can sit on. Melinda sits down to look at her cast and finds out that she has some few holes in her pantyhose. Melinda rips of the pantyhose, so her toes and cast will be pantyhose free. She only rips up until her cast ends. She crutches back to the car and the scene ends at the car. Note: You will buy access to stream online and you will receive the file within 48 hours, to your email for download. If you pay with PayPal, it can take up to 24 hours before you get access to the stream online. With Creditcard, it’s instant access. If you already have an account, you can log in before purchasing. You can see the preview here. The price on clip4sale is $10,99