Britney SLWC With High Heels, Part 1, HD

Britney loves her high heels and wears them all the time and for that reason, it’s easy to get injured. Britney was out partying and after a night out walking down stairs, she fell down the stairs and had to have cast. She got short leg cast and now after a couple of weeks, she could make it to a walking cast instead. TODAY she is wearing high heels because she can’t be without the high heels. She has a dress on with pantyhose. We see when Britney is crutching down the street and are on her way to a cozy view, where there is a bench. She sits down on the bench and wiggles with her toes in front of the camera, the camera zooms in on her cast and when she has her legs up on the bench. Then Britney crutches down plenty of stairs and its stairs made of stone, so it’s not so easy to get down. NOTE that it’s some very long stairs and it will almost never end for Britney. She stops at some point and wiggles her toes in front of the camera and rest a little bit standing up. Finally, she finds somewhere to sit down, its stairs just beside the long stairs she is crutching down. We see when the camera zooms in on Britney and her legs together and her toes continue to wiggle yet again in front of the camera. Note: You will buy access to stream online and you will receive the file within 48 hours, to your email for download. If you pay with PayPal, it can take up to 24 hours before you get access to the stream online. With Creditcard, it’s instant access. If you already have an account, you can log in before purchasing. You can see the preview here. Price on clips4sale is $18,99.