That offers mostly pictures.

New content

The new content will have pictures and exclusive clips for the member site, that are from Crutchcast. The material hasn't been published before on other sites than Crutchcast. At the moment there are 18000 pictures uploaded and there will come more every week. The picture is in high resolution. I have at the moment 17 active models and there comes a minimum of 1 new each month. 

Old content

The old content has been published before on another site of the Swedish models, all of the material will come up under old content here instead. It's material that can be just a couple of years old to many years old. There are at the moment 24 old models and 6 still active models (but old content). It's about 13000 pictures and at least 30 clips. The pictures and clips are in the highest resolution I can give, based on when it is taken and filmed. There will come a minimum of 2 "new" models each week and more of the already published models if there are any more material of them. There are over 300 models to publish again.